About Us

Eagle Eye Company was founded to develop integrated systems and applications to meet the needs of local market in the area of Telecommunication, Security and Information technology by providing integrated solutions for business management to  our customers.
company focused since its inception on excellence in building integrated systems by using  latest technology to meet the needs of different sectors.
On the basis of the company’s mission to adapt technology, the company has to build and attract skilled cadres who are capable of dealing with technical information effectively, to achieve highly competitive solutions for the targeted markets.
In addition, the company has made excellence in customer service, a major pillar of the local technical support mechanisms offered by the company.
Also the company adopts the latest standards for the development of systems provided by the company to achieve flexibility in building the required solutions.


Technical Staff and Expertise Sectors

We are proud that we attracted excellent technical staff which has high scientific and technical skills & accumulated experience in the area of systems development at all stages of development .

The company provides adequate and practical technical training to its employees. In addition we settle the knowledge through the selection of a group of graduates in the universities, hiring and training them on the latest technology in the fields covered by the company.

That staffs are distributed in the fields of administrative, project management, systems analysis, programming, implementation, quality control, database management as well as some specialized experts in special technical.

Why Eagle Eye?

To achieve excellence in solutions and services that we offer to our customers, we are always keen to adopt the components and characteristics that enable us to reach the advance level of competitiveness at the markets we serve. These characteristics can be summarized in the outstanding performance, perfect work, attention to customer satisfaction, commitment to provide sophisticated solutions, the precision in delivery.

Our Activities

Part of the participation of Eagle Eye Consulting and Security Systems Technology in the activities of the “Automechanica _Libya 2021” exhibition, which was held on the grounds of the Misurata exhibition from 27 to 29 November 2021.


for many years, Africa has been demonstrating a remarkable pace in adopting digital technologies and embracing innovation. In this evolving market, the integration of telematics and IoT is rapidly gaining momentum, serving as a vital lifeline for businesses of all sizes across the region.

The Wialon partner network spans the entire continent of Africa, extending from Morocco, Algeria, and Libya to Côte d’Ivoire, Tanzania, Zambia, and beyond. Our partners have been delivering diverse Wialon-based projects, including cargo transportation tracking, fuel monitoring, driver safety management, and other solutions specifically designed to address the pressing needs and challenges relevant to local customers.

Our Clients

Eagle Eye Company for Consultancy and Security Systems Technology`s list of customers includes a number of major national companies that have put their trust in us to benefit from the services and solutions we provide in various security fields.

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sunday-thursday: 9am – 3pm

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