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Matrix Telecom Solutions is a leading provider of telecommunications solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company has been in operation since 2002 and has established itself as a leader in providing high-quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions to its customers.

Matrix Telecom Solutions offers a wide range of products and services that include voice and data solutions, cloud-based services, and unified communication solutions. Their products are designed to help businesses streamline their communication processes, increase productivity, and reduce costs.


Multi location Communications

enables seamless communication and collaboration across multiple geographic locations, allowing dispersed teams to connect and work together effectively regardless of physical distance.

Universal Media Getways

versatile devices that provide connectivity and conversion between various communication protocols and networks, allowing seamless interoperability and communication across different systems and technologies.

Hybrid Communications

refers to a communication approach that combines both traditional on-premises systems and cloud-based solutions, providing organizations with flexibility, scalability, and seamless integration between different communication environments.

Fixed Media Getways

hardware devices that enable the connection and integration of traditional telephony systems, such as analog or digital phone lines, with IP-based communication networks, facilitating smooth communication between different network types.

Unified Communications

refers to the integration of various communication channels and tools, such as voice, video, messaging, and collaboration, into a single cohesive platform, enhancing productivity and efficiency in business communication.


refers to the ability to access and communicate from anywhere using portable devices, enabling individuals to stay connected and productive while on the move.


IP Video Surveillance

The field of communications is evolving on a constant basis due to the diverse communication needs of enterprises. Modern Businesses are deploying numerous communication solutions to suit the varying needs of employees. The enterprises with branches at different locations are bringing all offices on the same network through various communication solutions. A solution that offers the flexibility of configuring, maintaining and monitoring multiple communication systems from a single location is becoming the need of the hour. Matrix Telecom Solutions provide pioneering telephony systems that address the communication woes of a growing enterprise/business.

Ease-of-Use, enhanced productivity and dependable performance are some of the advantages of Matrix IP-PBX Telephony systems. Versatile, feature-rich and carrier-grade telecom solutions are built on cutting-edge technologies. Matrix Telecom Solutions including Unified Communications, IP-PBXs, Digital EPABXs, VOIP Gateways, GSM Gateways and IP Phones are marketed in 50+ countries through a global network of 2500+ partners.



One of the major concerns for any business is the factor of security. In addition, productivity of your workforce is interlinked with employee attendance tracking. Matrix COSEC offers People Mobility Management solution, which is an all integrated solution including hardware devices with different credentials, software platform and a suite of software application modules. These feature-rich and flexible applications are designed with careful research to meet diverse and complex needs of modern enterprises. Matrix COSEC provides customers with an option of choosing between an on-premise solution and cloud-based solution.


Matrix Cloud Communications

Matrix Telecom Solutions also offers a cloud-based solution called Matrix Cloud Communications.  It is a fully-managed, hosted service that provides businesses with all the features and benefits of an on-premise solution without the need for expensive hardware or IT support. The solution is scalable, flexible, and can be customized to meet the unique needs of any business.

Overall, Matrix Telecom Solutions is a reliable and innovative provider of telecommunications solutions that is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes improve their communication processes and stay ahead of the competition.



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