Quiko Italia is a leading company in the production of automation systems for residential and industrial doors. Founded in 1968 in Italy, the company has become a reliable partner for customers around the world, providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.

offers a wide range of automation solutions for every type of door. Their products include garage door openers, industrial doors, pedestrian doors, sliding doors, gate automation, & accessories. The company uses advanced technology and cutting-edge materials to ensure that their products are reliable, durable, and safe.

Automatic barriers – Icarus road barrier operator

Ambrogio – Hands-free gate opening system

Hydraulic swing gate opener – Hydro swing gate operator

Automation & access control of doors and gates – Domino

Underground swing gate openers Sub inground gate operators

Residential sliding gate opener – Velos sliding gate operator



The variety of products is not only wide in selection, but also offers the possibility of customising your own automation system. In fact, Quiko offers business, civil and industrial automations that can be adapted to meet more specific needs. Implants and devices are our produced by ourselves and this allows us to offer an exclusive solution to meet every request.
The support offered is fast, simple and above all, personal: each customer will always be guided by a single reference figure. In addition, technical assistance is immediate and efficient.



Quiko aims to facilitate everyday life in an reliable and innovative way. Since 1968 it has been designing and producing automation systems focusing on safety and efficiency which is typical of Made in Italy.
Strength and solidity are the main characteristics of our products, to allow the end-customer to count on the best of the market, both with regards to design and manufacture: parts and accessories used are in fact of the highest quality, without savings with regards to raw materials.
Every detail of the automations is entrusted to highly qualified technicians, who are always up-to-date to meet the needs of the market. Each phase, from the design to the final assembly, undergoes production processes that are innovative, so as to always provide the customer with the best of the best.
All Quiko products are created according to high quality standards and comply with European regulations. The proposal is also completed with a 4-year durability warranty and the possibility of being able to count on free spare parts.

Free and fast shipping for your electric gate automation

Quiko products are distributed all over the world: if you are an installer or a retailer you can count on the best of the market and at the same time on a support which is always ready and attentive to meet the demands even for delivery.
Quiko offers a system that is always efficient and above all fast, with the fulfillment of orders of 20 days at most. In addition, the first international shipping is always free, a factor that allows you to greatly reduce costs.

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