Creating GPS tracking and IoT solutions

The telematics platform of new generation GPS-Trace is a set of free applications for processing data from your GPS tracker.

  • utrack location in real time
  • uanalyze trip history
  • ureceive alerts, notifications and more..
  • uAsset trackers
  • uEffective asset tracking often gives businesses an advantage that propels them past competition. Asset tracking devices provide dynamic data on location and condition of assets concerned.



The GPS tracking system to manage transport and stationary assets. Select SaaS or server-based versions. Enjoy it all-embracing and hardware agnostic


flespi is an innovative backend platform by Gurtam connecting telematics hardware of any type to various BI and telematics systems, providing unified data communication via REST API


A web application for vehicle location tracking and recovery. Secure car leasing deals by keeping your assets under control 24/7 with GPS tracking

GPS Trace

A GPS tracking platform with a set of free applications for processing telematics data. Track the location of your vehicles and pets in real time

Wialon units on world map

Wialon is the fleet management software platform for GPS monitoring and IoT which tracks over 3,6 million mobile and stationary units in 150+ countries of the world and consists of more than 2,400 partner companies, 700 hardware manufacturers, hundreds of Wialon-based solution developers. With our system, you can deliver any monitoring project, be it about transport (surface, maritime, river, etc.), buildings, people, and not just that. All the connected units* are on the map! You can find our partners’ offices on the global Wialon partner map.

Quick payoff

Industry-specific solution

Stress-free recovery

Repossession tools

GPS Trace

Software for Your Tracker

The telematic platform of new generation GPS-Trace is a set of free applications for processing data from your GPS tracker.

Our specialized applications allow to:
  • track location in real time
  • analyze trip history
  • receive alerts, notifications and more…

Personal Business

Create accounts and units for tracking , make remote settings and much more for your clients. With our applications

Urban personal transport

The safety of your scooter, e-bike or motorcycle is in your hands. We have a solution for you


Get complete information about the movements of your car.

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